DC Power Jack
High Current SMD DC Power Socket

TDC-099DHS series

High Current SMD DC Power Socket

DC099DHS-PA6T-A (58 KB)
  1. Rating : 5A/16V DC Max
  2. Contact resistance : Contact resistance shall be less than 50 Milliohms at initial and 100 Milliohms after life test between a terminal of the socket and that of the mating plug; less than 30 Milliohms at initial and 60 Milliohms after life test between terminal of the socket in a closed circuited, when measured at a current of less than 100 Milliampere 1 KHz. The Mating plug use shall be
    cleaned and free from oxidation film of the surface.
  3. Insulation resistance : Insulation resistance between insulated metal parts shall be 100 Megohm or more at initial and 50 Megohm or more after cold test, hot test, and humidity test when measured with a 500 volts D. C. insulation resistance meter.
  4. Insertion and Withdrawal Force
    The insertion and withdrawal force shall be 0.3 – 3Kgs at initial and 0.2 – 2Kgs after life test
    with the gauge plug.
  5. Terminal Strength
    The terminal shall be capable of withstanding a force of 500 Gram applied in any directions for
    10 second without loosing and breakdown.
  6. life test : 5,000 cycles

The mating plug shall be in 5.5mm diameter.
Plastic : PA6T
Terminal 1 : Brass, Silver Plated
Terminal 2 : Copper Alloy, Silver Plated
Terminal 3 : Brass, Silver Plated
Stopper : C.R.Steel, Nickel plated
Shield-A : Brass, Nickel plated
Shield-B : Stainless Steel